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Terms of Service
By accessing the visitor area of ePornHD website (including the entire content library and the User section, plus any other page you might access through ePornHD.com) you accept all the terms and conditions of ePornHD, including all the security measures of the site and any eventual changes and alterations that might occur in the future. By entering this site you consent to respect and agree to all these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are applied equally to all visitors, regardless the device they access the website on or the geographical region from where they access it. If you refuse to agree with the terms of service, please leave ePornHD immediately.
The terms of use and conditions in this agreement can be subjected to changes and alteration without prior notice. ePornHD is not confined to notice his members of any changes brought to the terms of service agreement. On the off chance that you refuse the modification brought to this agreement, please leave ePornHD immediately.
These terms of use are applied for both simple “Visitors” and also for the visitors that create an account on ePornHD, thus becoming members. By agreeing to these terms of use any visitor or member of ePornHD is bounded by law to respect the agreement.

ePornHD is a website that provides content in both audio-visual and text form, which is free of charge and available for anyone accessing the site. By entering the site you acknowledge that the content offered by ePornHD is sexually explicit, thus it might be offensive, vulgar and in some cases shocking for some persons. Also, ePornHD allows it’s users to submit content on the site. This content will be moderated and it will only be featured on the site if and only it respects the law and complies with the type of content already existing in the library of ePornHD.

ePornHD is also featuring hyperlinks in its content library. These hyperlinks are provided by third parties and none of them are owned or administrated by ePornHD. ePornHD has no responsibility for the eventual content that’s being offered by the third party and it can’t censor or alter any of it as long as it’s found on any other site besides ePornHD.com. ePornHD is not and it won’t be held responsible for any liabilities brought upon visitors by any of the third party sites.

The entire ePornHD library was created and it’s offered for personal use, and it can’t be used for business or commercial purposes under any circumstances without the direct and express agreement of the owners of ePornHD. Any unauthorized or unlawful use of the ePornHD brand or services by third party entities or by the visitors and members of the site are strictly forbidden. No one can gather personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers or home addresses, nor implement marketing campaigns under the identity of ePornHD.

By simply entering this free internet site you confirm that you are at least 18 of age, or any other age that represents the age limit for accessing websites containing adult content in the geographical area under which jurisdiction you’re accessing the site from (state, country, etc). If you do not meet the age restriction criteria, you are not eligible for accessing the site and its content. Please leave ePornHD immediately.

In the case that you want to help the community of ePornHD in creating a rich and diverse content library, the submitted content must obey the following guidelines:
-the content must obey the international laws and regulations regarding adult entertainment
-the content must not be protected by the copyright of any third party
-the content must not be unlawful, abusive, threatening, harrasing, defamatory, hateful or racist
-the content must not invade or violate a person’s privacy
-the content must not feature any hidden software (viruses, malware code or programs that can harm, intrerupt, limit or monitor the services offered by ePornHD)
-the content must always feature protagonists that agree to perform or participate in it
-the content must only feature persons who are 18 or over 18 years of age
-the content must not feature animals or any harmful acts towards animals
-the content must not solicit or advertise any services or products of any third party
When uploading the content you agree that ePornHD has full rights over it. ePornHD is reserving the right to publish or unpublish the submission of the members at any given time, with no furthered notice or explanation. ePornHD is not liable when a member tries to upload illegal content and it will collaborate with the authorities in the case of civil or criminal prosecution of its members when their unlawful activities have ties with the website.

After a member uploads content on ePornHD, they agree that the content will be published on a public domain, and anyone can view it. ePornHD does not guarantee privacy for the user’s submissions. The privacy is limited to personal data (name, region, email adress etc.). ePornHD does not guarantee the publishing of any submitted content and said content can be unpublished at any giving time, with no prior notice.

ePornHD has full rights over the entire content that appears on the site, including, but not limited, all videos, images, text, graphics, script, website theme and design. The entire content of ePornHD is offered to all members, as long as it’s used for personal purposes only. Using the content of ePornHD, the services of the site or even the site itself for business and commercial related purposes can be and will be reported to the authorities.

The ePornHD account can be terminated at any given time with no prior notice when the member is violating any of the terms of use presented on this page and not only.

The ePornHD terms of use are in compliance with the laws and regulations of intellectual property and adult content, both the international ones and the ones enforced by the operator’s region. ePornHD cannot be held responsible when the website is accessed by members or visitors from jurisdictions in which the content of the site might come against the regional laws and regulations regarding adult entertainment.