DMCA Notice

ePornHD operates under total agreement with the Digital Milenium Copyright Act or 1998 (learn more about the copyright act here Therefore, ePornHD, through its administrators, will respond and act upon any copyright infringement claims brought to its attention by third parties or legal representatives of third parties that can prove the copyright violation issues. If any copyright infringement claim proves to be well founded, ePornHD reserves the right to remove the content in cause and/or terminate the account of the members who caused the violation of the intellectual property of any third party.
In order to settle a copyright infringement claim, a third party issuer must provide the following information to the administrators of ePornHD:

  1. Proof of legal endorsement to act on the behalf of the copyrighted content’s owner (physical or electronical signature might be needed), in the case that the claim is not made by the owner of the material.
  2. Information that confirms the copyright rights over the content in cause. If the content its part of the library of a website and it was registered as copyright material under a single notification, proof of said notification.
  3. Identification of the content that’s the subject of the copyright infringement (URLs might be required), so that ePornHD will know which content should be removed.
  4. Contact information for the party that issued a copyright infringement claim (complete name, physical address, telephone number, email)
  5. A statement from the party who claimed the copyright infringement in which to mention that the copyright protected material has been used without the authorization of the owner or outside the boundaries of the law.
  6. A statement from the party who claimed the copyright infringement in which to mention that they have the right and authorization to act in the name of the owner of the copyrighted content that makes the subject of the claim.

All claims regarding DMCA issues must be delivered through the contact form of ePornHD here
A member of the administration team will take over the case and resolve the issue in the shortest time possible.
Thank you for understanding and cooperation,

- If you believe you are the copyright owner of any of the videos listed on ePornHD, then please contact us and send us the video url and all the info needed to remove the video

We apologize for any kind of misuse of our service and promise to do our best to find and terminate abusive files.