The following document is listing the disclosure and use of Personal Data collected from the members and visitors of the website. ePornHD takes all the precautions and implements a series of safety regulations so that the security of the User Data will not be corrupted. ePornHD is not collecting data from any user who is under the age of 18 and the access to users who haven’t met the age of majority in their jurisdiction is strictly prohibited.

Collected Data on ePornHD
-Personal Data from Non-Registered Members: the non-registered members that access the ePornHD website can do so withut sharing any personal information. The ePornHD website does not require name, adress, phone number or email address to anyone who access the site as a simple visitor. Only the IP adress of the device a visitor uses to access ePornHD will be saved for security and analytics reasons.
-Uploaded Content: any kind of personal information (personal data, images, videos, commentaries, etc.) which are shared voluntary on the ePornHD visitors area are considered to be shared on a public domain, which means that said information can be collected and used by anyone.
-Cookies: ePornHD will send cookies to anyone accessing the site, and by simply visiting you agree with the cookie placement. ePornHD sends both session and persistent cookies. Removing cookies can decrease the quality of your user experience.
-Log File Information: by simply visiting the ePornHD website, your web browser will send a set of information to the ePornHD servers. These information are not personal. They limit to IP address, web request, browser type and language, domain names, referring URL, date and time of the request and the area from where the access is made.
-Contact: ePornHD takes the liberty to keep an archive of all correspondence, including the email address of the sender and the message itself.

-The cookies, browser and device information, but also your personal information can be used to create a custom ePornHD experience.
-The chosen username will be displayed next to any content that’s uploaded by you (images, videos, comments, etc) This username can be used by other members of the ePornHD community to contact you via private message. Your email address will not be publicly available.
-The uploaded content can be used by ePornHD not only on the website, but on other channels and websites as well. By uploading any kind of content, you agree to give up any copyright claims you may or may not have over it.
-The email and personal information will not be used to message you for promotional or marketing purposes without your consent.
-The email and personal information will be used without your consent to message you in the case of major website design or policy changes, customer support issues or legal issues.

Data Disclosure
-ePornHD can and will share your personal information with third parties such as police or other governmental organizations, in the case of suspected illegal activities that might be inflicted to the other ePornHD members and visitors or any other person or party that has no ties with ePornHD. However, in this cases the data is disclosed only in the presence of a warrant. If and only if the legal entity that request the disclosure of user data does not demand from ePornHD to keep the disclosure confidential, our team will communicate the data disclosure to the member or visitor in cause.
-in the case that a member uploads any illegal material that conflicts with the Terms of Use available on the ePornHD website, but also with any other laws and regulations, ePornHD can forward all available information to the relevant authorities.

-the access to your ePornHD account and any of your stored personal information is done only through a password (even chosen by you or given to you by ePornHD). You will be directly responsible for that password and ePornHD can’t be held responsible in the cases that someone else other than you access your accound by using your password.
-ePornHD takes all the possible security measures to ensure the privacy and safety of our visitors or members and their data (personal or impersonal). However, since the internet is not a safe environment, ePornHD does not guarantee total safety. You will be accessing ePornHD and share information at your own risk.

User Rights
-Any member or visitor of the ePornHD website has the right to alter their information any time, either directly from the ePornHD website, or indirectly by contacting the ePornHD webmasters.
-Any member or visitor of the ePornHD website can completely delete the data and information shared with ePornHD. However, this might result in the quality decrease of the ePornHD user experience, or restrictions to some services of the site.