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Bondagettes is an ePornHD partner and we took a closer look to the site. For this Bondagettes review we wanted to make sure that the site can offer quality content and services, but also a great user experience for anyone who wants to become a member of its BDSM community. The collection of Bondagettes is all about bondage and sex torture. In this BDSM library you will only find Sex Cams getting their clothes ripped off and tied up in very sexy and torture like positions. All the babes and the sex slave masters on this site are professionals when it comes to the BDMS action. They live this lifestyle, so we recommend that you do not try this at home. However, if you do try, please take the safety precautions and learn a thing or two about BDSM before going at it.

The are two kinds of masters on this site, for both kinds of domination. Mercies ladies and powerful men are torturing their sex slaves in front of the camera. What's great about the content of this site is the fact that everything depicted in these movies is real. The bondage and SM sessions are real, all the screams are legit and the intense forced orgasms are not fake at all. The mistresses and masters of Bondagettes really know what they are doing. For all of them BDSM is a lifestyle, not just a gig for a porn site. They have years of experience, they know what kind of pain can cause orgasms, and in the same time, they get very turned on by the pain they inflict on their helpless sex slaves.

On the other hand, the sex slaves are mostly chicks who are new to BDSM, or they tried it with their boyfriends after they watched a couple of free bondage porn videos on the internet or read 50 Shades of Gray. For the big majority of them, this is the first time with a real BDSM master or dominatrix. Although they were a bit scared when all Hell broke loose, at the end they were satisfied with their dungeon adventure. You will be able to make the difference between who is tied up for the first time and who was ravished by a master or mistress before by listening to their moans. The experienced girls are obedient and they accept the pain as part of the game, while the new girls are screaming loud, which makes them super-hot.

Most of the models tied up for this movie are young and sexy white girls, while the mistresses are usually MILFs and matures. The member area of Bondagettes is pretty cool, it does not have any advertisement or pop ups, and everything loads pretty fast. As this is a BDSM site, there are not useless design elements. Everything focuses on porn and the site is extremely easy to use.

The only thing that should be changed about this site is the member area, which could be updated a bit. The platform on which you will get all this BDSM porn is a bit dull, but it works properly. You won’t get an advanced search engine, but the few tools you get for browsing are well calibrated. The reason for which the site looks a bit dated is the fact that it’s legibly created by BDSM enthusiasts, who have no experience in programing or online advertisement. They just want to share their passion for bondage, pain and domination with you. ePornHD appreciates the passion put in the Bondagettes project and that’s why we chose to feature them on our free xxx tube.

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